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Diaspora Groceries In The News

September 15, 2023 at 7:12:51 AM

Comedian Tiffany Haddish Talks About Opening Up A Grocery Store In Her Community With Seth Meyers

While many people are spending their time relaxing during this quarantine comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish is planning on her next endeavor, which is potentially owning a business. She shares her idea about opening a community grocery store in an interview with Seth Meyers on his television show “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

Originally posted on JaGurl TV, on June 10, 2020

The actress explains the importance of having a grocery store.”There has to be more community and what I noticed that real communities have their own grocery stores.”

According to Yahoo, she also shares that even though she’s lived in South Central Los Angeles all her life the only thing they’ve had was a butcher store. Haddish said if she were to open the grocery store she would call it ‘Diaspora Grocery Store,’ and she would sell “things from all different regions, where they’re all kinds of people of brown. Things that are indigenous to our land.”

One thing she said that would make her store unique is offering cooking lessons to help teach people the importance of home cooked meals and how to save money. “I want to open a grocery store and have cooking classes going on there that are weekly. Where people can learn how to create meals for themselves. I know so many millennials right now that don’t know how to cook. And people my age, Generation X, that don’t know how to cook. But they’ve been TV dinners and fast food their whole life because that’s affordable. But it’s more affordable to cook your meals.”

Haddish even gave Meyers some insight as to where her potential store may be located. “There is a place right here down the street from the street off of Buckingham that used to be the first black bank in Los Angeles ever in California. It’s empty there’s no bank there. There’s nothing there and I’m likeI should buy that building and turn into a diaspora grocery store “

Haddish is so dedicated to opening her business that she jokingly admitted she “put $150 in a business plan.”

Later in the interview, Haddish revealed what she’s been doing to keep herself busy during this quarantine. “I’ve been in my garden a lot and I’ve been watching tv shows. But I’ve been reading more than anything. I’ve been reading Dr. Claud Anderson’s book ‘PowerNomics,’ ‘Dirty Little Secrets of Black History’ cause I know money is important. Money is everything.”

She says this reflective period of her life will change her topics when she is back on the road doing stand up. “I think I definitely will be talking about different things. I’ll be talking more about my experience.”

Haddish also opened up about what advice she would give to people trying to change their life. “People keep asking me this, Tiffany, what’s a way that we can make a change? How can we be effective? And I’m like ‘look I’m no genius I’m no leader’ but i know for me, like, when I want to have things to change in my life I stop having sex. So maybe if all woman stop having sex, maybe men will change the system of things.”

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